Swizz Beatz x Reebok Announcement

Yesterday, Swizz Beatz announced his global partnership with Reebok Project tradeshow in Las Vegas. After seeing several sneak peaks and previews, the shoe, which is the new Kamikaze was unveiled yesterday.
About the partnership:
An entirely new platform for artists, musicians, dancers and style makers is coming. Prepare to create and collaborate like never before?. A multi-talented creative known for pushing artistic boundaries as a producer, artist and designer,Swizz Beatz is bringing his passion for innovation, fashion, design, music and art to Reebok Classics.

In this unique partnership, Swizz Beatz will actively engage with the brand on many levels, from developing various initiatives to working with product.

His first role will be as the curator of the Reestyle Collective. A group of artistic minds from across the globe, the ReestyleCollective will conceive and produce a wide range of creative content in the realms of dance, music, art and style – the communities in which both Swizz Beatz and Reebok Classics thrive.
Swizz Is winning

Oh and I think Swizz got his shirt right off my Tumblr.

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