BEAMS – Interview with NIGO(talks Human Made)

This guy is A Business … Man. So about two weeks ago reports came out that Nigo had Ran A Bathing Ape in the ground (30+ Million dollars in Debt) and was selling it to a Large clothing company for $2 Million dollars. This week we get a peek at his new Line Human Made. In his interview with Japanese retaielr BEAMS, Nigo talks about his new venture through which he wants to re-invent his image. His new line is called HUMAN MADE, and its inspiration is, like many brands nowadays, American Vintage. In December, we showed you some of the first items from the brand, and in the shots above, you can see the Americana influence in the Coca-Cola decorations and the vintage gas pump, and as far as the clothes go, you can see plaid button ups, buffalo plaid jackets, and other staples of vintage wear. Check out the interview with BEAMS here to learn more about one of street fashion’s most important players’ newest undertaking.

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