BAPE x Transformers Special Collection

In the words of my little bro “what Tip”? I know Nigo loves toys but it seems and the brand was created from his child hood love, but linking up with Transformers is kinda desperate to me!

To coincide with today’s lunar eclipse, A Bathing Ape  unveiled its Transformers Special Collection. Scheduled along with the third and final installment of Transformers live-action movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, BAPE decorated a series of BABY MILO graphic tees with the Autobots’ insignia and facsimiles of its leader, Optimus Prime.  With help from toy maker TOMY, BAPE also resurrected the schematic for the original Optimus Prime toy figure, re-done in BAPE First Camo pattern. Available on 2 different release schedules with the first sets launch on July 2nd, the day after the movie release.  The second set, along with the more exclusive t-shirts and Optimus Prime toy figure, will be on July 23rd.

Release Date:
First Set – July 2nd, 2011 (Saturday)
Second Set – July 23rd, 2011 (Saturday)

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