Kobe in The Philippines

One of the Big hommies had a chance to see  to see Kobe live here in the Philippines. This is not his picture but i found it online. KOBE loves the game and that I respect.

#LOCKOUT – Ok if you think that The Top NBA players cant make money overseas you are crazy. This lockout to last forever or it could be the greatest things that to happen to the nba as far as global game of basketball. If the NBA wants a Global game where there are teams overseas this could be the first steps in the right direction. Think about it. Think about all the Great Players we have seen over the years…

 Hakeem ‘The Dream” Olajuwon, Nigeria

Dirk Nowitzki, Germany

Patrick Ewing, Jamaica,Steve Nash, Canada,Dominique Wilkins, “The Human Highlight Film,” France,Yao Ming, China, Tony Parker, Belgium, Manu Ginobili, Argentina Drazen Petrovic, Croatia

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One Response to Kobe in The Philippines

  1. Dishoom says:

    Well said! Also, dont forget Hoops India! http://www.youtube.com/hoopsindiatv

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