Shots Fired – The Hundreds

“So this fool is at it again, somebody just sent me a link to his blog entry, which starts with “Kids these days. They want it all.” as if he´s some OG thats been in this game for example of the brand´s self-overestimation and cockyness.Too bad that all of this “knowledge” cant be seen in his lame ass brand in any kind of way. If anything, its the opposite: Bobby Hundreds supports white chicks saying the N Word and little Hipster toys throwing gang sings.

In addition, if Mr Hundreds works so hard at this, why so many people dont like The Hundreds? Its not just the clothes that remind me of Wal-Mart,Sears and JC Penney, its also the “attitude” he so miserably fails to create (but pretends to carry). You cant fake REAL. People see right through that shit. Practice what you preach and if you can´t practise it, let it go.”

Not my Words but I was never a huge fan of the hundreds. Who knows dude could be hating. Thoughts? Also dont hate on people getting money get yours.


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