Shots Fired – Amber Rose / Kanye West

Earlier today Kanye took to Twitter while on tour in Europe and responded to the picture and video of Wiz Khlifa going down on Ye’s former muse Amber Rose during a recent performance by saying, “When he’s eating her p*ssy he’s tasting the whole  hip hop #SuckerForLove”. Talk about salty and I don’t mean Amber’s box. Of course Kanye deleted the tweet but is this dude serious? If she really is out there why wait till she’s seemingly in love with another rapper to throw shade (hi hater). And besides did he really think  Amber was a saint when he plucked (key word) her from Sue’s Rendezvous during her stripper days and made her wifey? Not that all strippers are hoes (believe me I know) but I’m sayin. Hov talk to ya lil brother, he’s making the Roc look like a bean. And don’t let me get started on Wiz. Dumb rappers need teaching fa real Big.

Via: Icedotcom

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