This sexy Girl is AMERICAN MADE AND PAID originally from The bronx,Ny.Born and raised.  Now you can find her on the Streets Los Angeles!  Coming from a very eclectic and diverse family, Her father is from the Dominican Republic and mothers  is Italian/puerto rican which makes a Sexy mix for the ICE QUEEN

First Question How do you like My Former City LA?

I  absolutely love it…Im basically a full time student for the time being,majoring in business, i just take it a day at a time really.

SO a fetish model! Can you explain what that means to those who dont know?
Besides being a model,i guess its a way to portray different fetishes through photos…For me at least. I dont necessarily have a serious goal with it. But to say the least I do reaaallly enjoy it..especially when I get to be covered in latex from head to toe…i love the way it hugs my curves and sometimes its like slipping into a second skin…the oil making everything fit so comfortably…i absolutely love it…
What is your personal Fetish?
Umm….  I have more than just 1…I will name a few, I have a smoking fetish,Latex,Stockings/nylon,Foot.ass worship,spanking,slapping,military uniforms,speech restriction,domestic servitude….the list goes on.but the few i listed are top favs
How did you find that out or did you always know?
Well Ive always had an interest,even while being young…then when i finally had some opportunities to explore…it was that much more fascinating….I’m definitely far from vanilla. In my personal life…i always liked to keep things fresh new and fun…Ordinary foreplay is soo spiritless and dull….I could yawn..

Now you call your Self the ice queen with a body like that I am sure
you make men take cold showers, but what is that ICE Queen thing all

Ha,if your talking about my twitter #<things…its just another way to identify w/ the raunchy and mean things i say…

Why so cold?
Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind.

SEX Talk!

This is the part i think most of us have been waiting for!

So what turns you on?
Everything…Kissing,touching,the act of foreplay!! I have a big time sensuality…If you you can talk to me and you know how to use your hands….You can make me a very happy girl!
What makes your Sex Better than Other girls?
Im not gonna sit here and say im BETTER than other girls…but i know i can handle and keep a man happy very happy…
Best Sex Happened When and Where?
In a church…when very long ago.
Do you like girls?
Not really, Ill be the first to complement a woman if shes attractive..but im not necessarily into chicks…although….if shes drop dead amazingly good looking and has alluring qualities and a fatass, and shit happens….then….shit happens.

Favorite body part on a Guy?  on a Girl? and on yourself?
On a guy,shoulders…I love tall broad men…really attractive.
On a girl…Ass….you can have small cup cake titties,I could care less, but if you have a nice ass,it’ll definitely catch my attention.
On myself…i would have to say… ass..not too bigg not too small,just right..looks good in most things…i wouldnt trade it for the world.:-)
Do you have a dirty story you would like to share?
Too many to count.

How does someone get you interested in them?
Presence, I like men with stature that are strong and I dont necessarily mean strong physically. I also mean mentally..Cowards need not apply!…tall,good conversation and of course attractive or appealing to me…Dont talk too much unless necessary and Gentleman…A man who knows how to treat a lady always makes me more than interested….almost weak.

SMG NINE!!! (nine Question we think tell the most about a person)

Cake or Candy?
Both…I have a sweet-tooth!

Thong or no underwear?
I perfer to wander commando on most occasions I feel soo much more comfortable…

Basketball or football or fuck sports?
Well since i moved to L.A and everyone here are die hard Laker fans,i actually watched a game and really got into to it…so i can watch the lakers play,i dont know about any other team…but i like football…i get into it on most occasions

Next item you plan on buying is?
Heels..I love heels…really really high heels…I have so many,its disgusting…unfortunately i dont wear them often.
At a Bar you Drink?
Rum and coke mostly…i also like whiskey..I just now actually started getting use to the taste when its neat.with some ice or maybe a splash…tasty.
If you could make one immediate change in the world what would it be?
Better men…??

Love is it real and can it happen? Marriage man made or Gods design?

Love is such a strange abstract of feelings…I havent met anyone whose made me believe in love…so i guess it can happen…Marriage?I dont do contracts.

Greatest miss conception about you?
I dont think Ive heard any…Well scandalous…….Im far from it. Or a party girl….which im also extremely far from..

Childhood Dream?
Hahah as a kid i wanted to be everything…from a singer to a detective…

4 Responses to INTERVIEWS / Keys Coner

  1. vito says:

    damn boo , u da sexiest , prietyest girl I eva seem

  2. emad_rad says:

    i love picture sexi

  3. nikki says:

    she’s haute

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